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Military Recruiting and Retention After the Fiscal Year 2000

Hoseh, James RArkes, JeremyFair, C. CAsch, Beth J., James R. Hosek, Jeremy Arkes,Legislation, Santa Monica, CA: RAND, MR-1532-

Comparison of metallothionein concentrations and tissue

doi:10.1016/s1532-0456(01) MouneyracC Amiard-TriquetJ.C AmiardP.S Rainbow

of Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) During Convective Air Drying

Denaturation Kinetics of Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) During Convective Air Haque, M.A., Putranto, A., Aldred, P., Chen, J., Adhikari, B.,

Temperature measurements inside the oscillatory boundary

air with 130-Hz frequency and pressure oscillation《》Huelsz, G. and Ramos E.Am. 103, 1532-1537 (1998)Huelsz, G,Ramos,

High CO 2 Levels in Boreholes at El Teide Volcano Complex (

200471-air, and an average δ13C value in DIC of +4.7‰ (PDB), apparently Geophys, 161 , 1519–1532.Soler, V., Castro, J.A., Vin˜ as, R

Ozone treatment of root canals

“ozone” is intended to embrace pure ozone, oxonised air and ozonized 4 0.65 21.89 2.189 105 32 3.281 1532 5 0.75 25.25 2.525 121

Effect of PEEP on regional ventilation and perfusion in the

(E),and aircompressor (F);lead-shielded81mK(J); ventilator hose (K);artetial and venous Bull Eur PhysiopatRhesp 1973;9:1511â€1532

Intra〢rticular Pharmacokinetics of a Gentamicin Impregnated

doi:10.1111/j.1532-950X.2013.12115.xVeterinary SurgeryGalina M. HayesThomas W. G. GibsonNoel M. M. MoensBeatriz MonteiroRon J. Johnson

Normal values for aortic diameters in children and

doi:10.1186/1532-429X-10-56Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic ResonanceThomas KaiserChristian J KellenbergerManuela AlbisettiEva BergsträsserEmanuela R. Val

Thermal Metal Spray in SAE J2334 Solution with Exposure Peri

Corrosion Resistance Properties of Aluminum Coating Applied by Arc Thermal Metal Spray in SAE J2334 Solution with Exposure Periods

Fully automated segmentation of left atrium and pulmonary

doi:10.1186/1532-429X-18-S1-O84Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Qian TaoRahil ShahzadEsra Gucuk IpekFloris F BerendsenRob J van der Geest

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Full-bridge, series-resonant converter supplying the SAE J-1773 electric vehicle inductive charging interface A novel power-factor-corrected single-stage

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2011516-China Auto Parts SAE J1532 AEM Rubber Transmission Oil Cooler Hose, Find details about China Air Hose, SAE J1532 Transmission Oil Cooler Hos

Interaction of estrogen and 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-

doi:10.1016/s1532-0456(01) J. StantonFaten El-SabeawyXiao Fang YangEssam En

CENTURY DRILL AND TOOL 22330 1532 Brite Drill Card | Auto

CENTURY DRILL AND TOOL 22330 1532 Brite Drill Card

Apparatus for the treatment of dental caries

Primary Examiner: Wilson, John J. Attorney, pure ozone, ionized air and other ozone gaseous 4 0.65 21.89 2.189 105 32 3.281 1532


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The role of auxin and gibberellin in tomato fruit set

de JONG M,MARIANI C,VRIEZEN W H.The role of auxin andgibberellin in tomato fruit set[J].Journal of Experimental Botany,2009,60(5):1523-1532.DOI:

Display With Backside Ultrasonic Sensor Array

air interface to control the distribution of light from the backlight 106, the memory 1532, the CODEC 1534, and the wireless controller 1540 are

Regional ischemia in hypertrophic Langendorff-perfused rat

Bruining, Regional ischemia in hypertrophic Langendorff-perfused rat hearts, Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol., vol. 277, pp. H1532-H1539, 1999

Modeling Skeletal Injuries in Military Scenarios

J., Dunne, J., Holcomb, J.B., BlackbourneSAE Int. J. Transp. Saf. 2(2), 307–319 ISSN 1532-8546 89. Gabler, L.F., Panzer, M

Discrimination between several diterpenoid compounds in

doi:10.1016/s1532-0456(00) AceretP.W. SammarcoJ.C. CollY. Uchio